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Yelp Reviews

  •   Barbara has been fantastic to work with. My family suddenly had a number of insurance changes that all needed to happen within a fairly short amount of time - they involved switching to a Covered CA plan, figuring out life insurance options and even sorting through Medicare-related plans for my father. I understand insurance options fairly well, but knew I needed help. Barbara honestly made the process so straight forward and easy. After gathering some information about our current health and financial situation she presented a range of options for each and talked us through the pros and cons. She is friendly, organized, thorough, and quick to respond by phone or email. I can't imagine what it would have been like without her help and can't recommend her services enough. Thanks Barbara!

    thumb Kat S.

      Thank you Barbara!!  I was recently in need of an immediate  family health care plan and Barbara came to the rescue.  She found an affordable option that will enable us to continue using our physicians at UCLA Health.

    thumb Ivy G.

      Nick (Nicholas Bartuzik) is great.  He's helped me for 3 years now.  He's super responsive and digs into any and all questions I have and provides good options for me to consider.  He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Nick.

    thumb Lauren A.
  •   Barb is wonderful! She was referred to me when I moved to California and was able to find me a great plan for health and dental.

    She is so patient and knowledgeable, and really takes the time to explain the pros and cons of every option, making sure you are getting the best price and a plan tailored to your needs.

    I've referred many friends and family and will continue to do so!

    thumb Rebecca H.

      If you want to deal with someone who actually really cares about your Insurance needs then Barbara is the one. I was very stressed out over the high cost of insurance and the few choices I had. Barbara helped me work through all of it and came up with a practical solution for my families needs. She cares, has patience and always got back to me right away. Very knowledgeable and works really well and efficiently from start to finish. Being a small  business owner myself it is always a pleasure when I find someone who offers the same type of quality care.
    I am referring everyone I know to her. So very happy she was referred to me.

    thumb Jody R.

      I worked with Barbara to sort out my insurance and had a very positive experience. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Navigating health insurance is tricky and there's so much in the fine print to read, but Barbara simplified the entire process.
    After my previous employer terminated my health insurance (he only offered to cover the two remaining weeks), I was extremely stressed. I had two dependents under my plan (including a toddler son), but thanks to Barbara, I had no lapse in health insurance coverage. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was sorted out quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend Solid Health Insurance!

    thumb Annie C.
  •   I really pondered before writing this review, and finally decided to give a 3 instead of a 1, because Barbara sent me a lot of very useful insurance information to help me pick a plan. So I have to give her credit there.

    But she became rude, abrupt and frustrated after a few days because I called her 3 times on the phone for 3 minute each, and she also texted me the second night at 8pm and exchanged a few texts with me (which I never initiated, and ended quickly because I felt bad she was working late). Moreover, she never said thank you, my pleasure, you're welcome, I'm always here to help etc etc, or anything like that. It was always right to the point, as if she was doing me a favor by helping me.

    Her tone was also short with me the following day when I called her to ask a question about a form she had sent me the precious night. She started saying she can't keep talking about things, that she has done what she needs to for me, and that she has other customers to help as well. I finally told her if she can't handle questions from a customer about health insurance, even over a few days, then that is ridiculous.

    Picking a good plan takes some time and forethought. The whole health insurance system is convoluted, and people really need guidance from an insurance agent that has the patience to talk for more than 10 full minutes with a customer about picking a plan. I honestly can't even believe I have to write and explain this in a review. Wow.

    Anyways I ended up finding another insurance agent who helped me with my situation in 15 mins on the phone. It really wasn't a big deal after all, but Barbara seems too busy. So if you use her services, be prepared that she will initially send you a bunch of very useful information, but then make sure you do as much of your own homework after that as possible, and keep follow up questions to a minimum.

    Me? No thanks, I'd rather deal with a cool insurance broker that has time to guide and answer whatever questions I have about a serious life decision.

    thumb Reza Z.

      I wish I could rate Nick Bartuzik TEN STARS for his service in assisting me.  If you are looking for someone who truly CARES about helping you (financially & personally), with FOLLOW THROUGH like you have NEVER experienced -  CALL Nick! From counseling on plans to following through AFTER getting my business (He spent extensive time, calls, emails and corrected a billing issue that would have cost me thousands as I had NO idea of how to fix it ).  He is immediately responsive to all of my calls (even on weekends and after hours) and his interest in making sure you are getting all that you need AFTER signing up is uncommon in today's world.  Nick made sure that I was aware of new pricing when my plan renewed, and all changes to my coverage with brief bullets (great delivery...since I am on the run).  

    I cannot recommend Nick Bartuzik more highly.  Outstanding, honest, responsive...thank you Nick for all of your assistance!  You rock!

    thumb Shannon H.

      I needed healthcare and Barbara went over and above my expectations! She found an affordable plan for me and made me feel taken cared of. As if a friend helped me. I highly recommend her services and will refer my friends, family, and associates to her. She's beyond professional - she really cares. Thank you for all your assistance, Barbara!

    thumb Joey D.
  •   Nick is truly exceptional! Patient, answers every question, professional and balanced with warmth. He walked me through considerations I had not even thought about. I realized even after we concluded our call, he did research on his own to get me to the best end result. He is excellent at his career and passionate about doing well for his clients. At the first call, you will see what I mean. It is as if you are talking with a buddy who has your best interest top of mind by first listening to what is most important to you, he asks questions and then shares solid advice from his perspective.

    thumb Jessice M.
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