Long Term Care Health Interview

After filling out the Long Term Care Application Health interview by a registered nurse, who socialize in geriatrics will be conducted. General for applicants under the age of 71 this interview will be held over the telephone at your convenience. It takes around 15 minutes. for applicants over 71 a face-to-face meeting will be held, which takes around 1 hour.

Purpose of the Health Interview:
In the health interview the nurse collects information about your current health, medications you might be taking and your daily activities. Questions will be asked to evaluate your memory and mental ability.

Preparation for the Health Interview:

  • List your primary car physician any specialists you might be seeing.
  • List your medication you are taking on a regular basis, including prescription and over-the-counter medication.
  • Mention if you have arthritis or. Muscle, joint or bone disorder, including osteoporosis, joint replacement or fractures.
  • Mention any plans for major surgery, medical testing or medical consultation.
  • List if you need assistance with transportation outside the home.
  • Mention if you need any devices or appliance to assist, such as wheelchair.
  • You also will be asked memory questions, for example who is the current president?
  • List any social activities outside the home that you participate on a regular basis.
  • Also a MVR report will be taken, to see if you had any motor vehicle accidents or other moving traffic violations.

All insurance carrier will protect your privacy by safeguarding the information you provide. The contents of your health interview are used solely to determine your eligibility for long-term care insurance and will not be released without written authorization. This confidentiality is protected by law