Our mission is to find affordable health insurance, life insurance and long term care insurance, which best fits your individual, family and small business needs!

Solid Health Insurance finds you affordable health insurance by comparing the rates from carriers such as Anthem, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Health Net inside and outside the California State Health Insurance Exchange, Covered California. We believe that affordable life insurance and long term care insurance will protect your family from unexpected life events. We provide you with affordable life and long term care insurance comparison quotes with carriers such as Transamerica, Allianz, Genworth, ING and other carriers. What does solid mean? It means that your health, life, home and business are adequately insured. We want to make sure that your hard-earned assets are protected, so that you can concentrate on achieving your family dreams and financial and business goals..

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Solid Health Insurance Services is recognized this 2021 for being one of the Best Health Insurance Agencies serving Los Angeles.

Biography of Barbara Kempen

Business Expert

Barbara’s strong sense of organization and hard work has allowed her to be a successful business expert in Los Angeles for 25 years.


After handling the insurance matters for a manufacturing company for 5 years, Barbara founded Solid Health Insurance Agency in 2008 and enjoys serving her community ever since.

Personal Approach

Her clients enjoy her very personal approach to find the best insurance package for them. Her consultative approach helps the client to understand the many different choices and helps to find a “solid” plan.

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Picking Insurance is Difficult

At Solid Health Insurance Services, we believe that a quick meeting with us in person or over the phone will help you to establish your individual, family and business needs. Completing an insurance form without the advice of an agent can be difficult or even lead to problems with insurability. Especially now with the introduction of the California State Health Insurance Exchange, Covered California, there are many new aspects, such as possibly receiving financial subsidies and navigating through smaller health networks, to consider.

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10 Tips to Find Affordable Health Insurance in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)

TIP # 1 - Shop the insurance market - on and off the State Health Insurance Exchange- Covered California
With the introduction of the California State Health Insurance Exchange, Covered California, every policyholder in California should compare their current health insurance plan with the new qualified health plans. These health plans are guaranteed to provide essential levels of coverage and comply with consumer protections set forth in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The health plans are based on the metal rating inside and outside the exchange. The health insurance plans have a metal rating – Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze – based on actuarial value calculations. For example, Platinum plans will provide for 90 percent of costs while policyholders pay 10 percent of medical cost; Silver plans will offer 70 percent coverage while policyholders will pay 30 percent of medical cost.
Tip #2 - Will I qualify for a financial subsidy?

Since 2014, cost-sharing subsidies and tax credits will lower the cost of health insurance premiums and out-of-pockets expenses for health coverage. Many Americans will qualify for a federal subsidy to pay for their health insurance premium, which depends on their modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). Individuals and families earning up to 600% of the Federal Poverty Level will be eligible to qualify for a federal subsidy. The Federal Subsidy depends on your family size and modified adjusted gross income, to calculate please use the federal subsidy calculator. If your modified annual gross income (MAGI) is in between 139% and 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) the Silver Plans are offering next to the subsidy also a cost share reduction towards co-payments, co-insurance and the out-of pocket maximum.

Tip #3 - Will my doctor and hospital be in the network?

Each insurance carrier has their own network of providers (doctors, hospitals). A given insurance carrier may also offer multiple HMO, PPO & EPO plans, each with their own unique network of providers. You may find your preferred providers in one network but not another. 

Tip #4 - How will the insurance premium vary in California?

In California the only rating factors for premiums are based on geography, age and family size. a) Geography : There are 19 price regions in California, each rating area will have their own cost of care applied b) Age: Rates based on age will differ by no more than a 3:1 ratio. In the past this ration was 5:1 or higher. The 3:1 ratio says that the cost of the highest age may be no more than three times the cost of a young adult. We expect that the rates for young adults will increase. c) Family Size In determining a family’s total cost, all adults (subscriber, spouse, adult children) age 21 and above are rated separately under family coverage, and only the three oldest children who are under age 21 will be rated in the total family premium. d) Rate guarantee: Rates for health plans are guaranteed for a full calendar year, or the duration of the calendar year for special enrollment. Rate adjustments due to age changes can only occur during open enrollment or special enrollment periods.

TIP # 5 Do not use out-of-network doctors

Double check with your insurance if your doctor is an In-Network Provider. Using Out-of-Network doctors can be very costly, as the insurance companies with a PPO plan are only paying their negotiated rate out-of-network after high out-of-network deductibles are met and you are responsible to pay the doctor the remainder. With the introductions of EPO’s ( Exclusive Provider Organizations), covered benefits are not paid for services rendered by a provider who is not part of the provider network except in an emergency or plan-approved care outside the provider network.

TIP #6 - Pay for Brand Prescription

Bronze Plans are less costly than the other metal plan of the ACA plans. The Bronze metal plans will not cover prescriptions until after a high $500 annual medical deductible is met. The Silver 70 plans now have a low $10 annual drug deductible vs $300 prior to 2022. The Gold 80 & Platinum 90 plans have no drug deductibles whatsoever. You will still be subject to a copay on all plans after you meet your drug deductible until you reach your annual out-of-pocket maximum.

TIP #7 - Go into Higher Deductible Plans - or Limited Doctor Visits

In order to offset the steep increases in health insurance premium, many families increase the deductible on their health plans. If you do this, start putting each month $ 100 towards a saving account, so that you are able to pay your bills when the unexpected happens. With the new metal plans evaluate if a Bronze plan is really suitable for your needs. Bronze plans have a deductible of $ 6300 for medical and $ 500 drug deductible, the out of pocket maximum is $ 7,800 for an individual and $ 15,600 for a family. You have only limited doctor visits before the deductible applies. Please compare the Silver Plans to the Bronze Plans although the Silver Plans are more expensive they offer over all a better benefit package

TIP #8 - Add Supplemental Insurance
To be prepared for the unexpected add a supplemental insurance. Add a critical illness insurance, which will pay you a lump sum if you have a critical illness. Young families can add an accident insurance, for as little as $ 40 per month, or singles for $ 20 a month.
TIP #9 - Always Read the Out-Of-Pocket Maximum

After the deductible is reached, you have to pay a coinsurance, which can be as little as 10% for Platinum Plans or as high as 40% for Bronze Plans until you reach the Out-Of-Pocket Maximum.



Inside the Networks of an Insurance Carrier’s Health Plan, Platinum Plans have a maximum out-of-pocket limit for an individual of $4,500, for a family of $9,000. Gold, Silver & Bronze plans have an out-of-pocket maximum of $8,200 for an individual, $16,400 for a family.

Outside the Networks of an Insurance Carrier’s Health Plan, the out-of pocket maximum can be considerably higher, usually $20,000.

Tip #10 - Contact Solid Health Insurance Service - Your Insurance Agent
In order to do our job properly we keep up to date with the newest insurance plans and newest health care reform changes. We know which plans have loopholes and research the networks of each health plan. We will determine if you qualify for subsidies. We will guide you through the application process. Filling out an insurance application can be very difficult. A meeting or telephone conversation with us will help guide you successfully through the application process.


  •   Barbara's knowledge of insurance as well as her fun, pleasant personality makes learning about insurance a great experience.  She is a great listener who not only understands and listens to your wants, but can easily identify what is best for you considering your individual needs.  

    Thanks Barbara sharing what you do!

    thumb Maleya T.

      I wish I could rate Nick Bartuzik TEN STARS for his service in assisting me.  If you are looking for someone who truly CARES about helping you (financially & personally), with FOLLOW THROUGH like you have NEVER experienced -  CALL Nick! From counseling on plans to following through AFTER getting my business (He spent extensive time, calls, emails and corrected a billing issue that would have cost me thousands as I had NO idea of how to fix it ).  He is immediately responsive to all of my calls (even on weekends and after hours) and his interest in making sure you are getting all that you need AFTER signing up is uncommon in today's world.  Nick made sure that I was aware of new pricing when my plan renewed, and all changes to my coverage with brief bullets (great delivery...since I am on the run).  

    I cannot recommend Nick Bartuzik more highly.  Outstanding, honest, responsive...thank you Nick for all of your assistance!  You rock!

    thumb Shannon H.

      I tried signing up for health insurance on my own and just got extremely overwhelmed with the website and the overload of information I had to weed through to find the right options for me. Also, I waited till the last minute thinking it would be quick and simple. Then a friend told me about Barbara and that she could help me and she was right. Barbara has made this process so effortless. I really appreciate all her help. Getting this done helped me so much, this is one less thing I have to worry about. She really knows what she's doing. Very knowledgeable and efficient. She's a life saver.

    thumb Kimberly J.
  •   Thank you Barbara!!  I was recently in need of an immediate  family health care plan and Barbara came to the rescue.  She found an affordable option that will enable us to continue using our physicians at UCLA Health.

    thumb Ivy G.

      Barbara has been fantastic to work with. My family suddenly had a number of insurance changes that all needed to happen within a fairly short amount of time - they involved switching to a Covered CA plan, figuring out life insurance options and even sorting through Medicare-related plans for my father. I understand insurance options fairly well, but knew I needed help. Barbara honestly made the process so straight forward and easy. After gathering some information about our current health and financial situation she presented a range of options for each and talked us through the pros and cons. She is friendly, organized, thorough, and quick to respond by phone or email. I can't imagine what it would have been like without her help and can't recommend her services enough. Thanks Barbara!

    thumb Kat S.

      Barb is wonderful! She was referred to me when I moved to California and was able to find me a great plan for health and dental.

    She is so patient and knowledgeable, and really takes the time to explain the pros and cons of every option, making sure you are getting the best price and a plan tailored to your needs.

    I've referred many friends and family and will continue to do so!

    thumb Rebecca H.
  •   I highly recommend you call Barbara if you need help with finding health insurance.I left my employer and started my own company, so I needed immediate help in getting quality health insurance. Barbara was very efficient, clear and very experienced. She was much more knowledgeable than other agents I spoke with, and she made very good recommendations to suit my unique situation. I will certainly be referring her to my friends and others who need help in finding insurance.

    thumb Christopher C.

      I needed healthcare and Barbara went over and above my expectations! She found an affordable plan for me and made me feel taken cared of. As if a friend helped me. I highly recommend her services and will refer my friends, family, and associates to her. She's beyond professional - she really cares. Thank you for all your assistance, Barbara!

    thumb Joey D.

      If you want to deal with someone who actually really cares about your Insurance needs then Barbara is the one. I was very stressed out over the high cost of insurance and the few choices I had. Barbara helped me work through all of it and came up with a practical solution for my families needs. She cares, has patience and always got back to me right away. Very knowledgeable and works really well and efficiently from start to finish. Being a small  business owner myself it is always a pleasure when I find someone who offers the same type of quality care.
    I am referring everyone I know to her. So very happy she was referred to me.

    thumb Jody R.
  •   I worked with Barbara to sort out my insurance and had a very positive experience. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Navigating health insurance is tricky and there's so much in the fine print to read, but Barbara simplified the entire process.
    After my previous employer terminated my health insurance (he only offered to cover the two remaining weeks), I was extremely stressed. I had two dependents under my plan (including a toddler son), but thanks to Barbara, I had no lapse in health insurance coverage. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was sorted out quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend Solid Health Insurance!

    thumb Annie C.

      Nick (Nicholas Bartuzik) is great.  He's helped me for 3 years now.  He's super responsive and digs into any and all questions I have and provides good options for me to consider.  He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Nick.

    thumb Lauren A.

      This is a long overdue review to mention how fantastic Barbara's service was. I originally contacted her regarding possibly changing our family health insurance.
    Barbara was an exceptional advisor to my family. She answered all my questions so patiently and offered caring advice. My questions were plenty, in regards to health insurance as well as saving for retirement options. She evaluated our options very straightforwardly and very honestly and after looking over our current insurance plan she advised us to actually stay with it and not to change it, since it turned out to be much better in terms of price and coverage compared to what's out on the market at this point. I very much appreciated her honest judgment. On top, she actually explained to me how we could make better use of what our insurance offered and explained to me the HSA function which we had not been using so far. Needless to say, she helped me save a bunch of money by advising me not to change my insurance plan.
    In regards to retirement saving options, she also evaluated what we already had in place and told us what we should rather do or get before spending money on any extra products like index insurance. I have to say I was just so impressed by such honesty!
    Barbara never made me feel like I had to buy anything despite the fact that she had spent quite some time advising me. Throughout the whole process, I felt like talking to someone, who had my best interests at heart and who was looking out for me and my family. I feel very lucky to have found her. Thank you Barbara!

    thumb CB F.
  •   Nick is truly exceptional! Patient, answers every question, professional and balanced with warmth. He walked me through considerations I had not even thought about. I realized even after we concluded our call, he did research on his own to get me to the best end result. He is excellent at his career and passionate about doing well for his clients. At the first call, you will see what I mean. It is as if you are talking with a buddy who has your best interest top of mind by first listening to what is most important to you, he asks questions and then shares solid advice from his perspective.

    thumb Jessice M.

      Wow, if it was not for Barbara, I would have lost my health insurance. I have been traveling back and forth from overseas and have dropped the ball so many times concerning my heath insurance. She has called me, emailed and stayed on top of my heath care. She is from another planet, I have never meant someone who cares so much about her clients, where there is not much to get in return. Thank you Barbara! 🙂

    thumb tina c.

      I really pondered before writing this review, and finally decided to give a 3 instead of a 1, because Barbara sent me a lot of very useful insurance information to help me pick a plan. So I have to give her credit there.

    But she became rude, abrupt and frustrated after a few days because I called her 3 times on the phone for 3 minute each, and she also texted me the second night at 8pm and exchanged a few texts with me (which I never initiated, and ended quickly because I felt bad she was working late). Moreover, she never said thank you, my pleasure, you're welcome, I'm always here to help etc etc, or anything like that. It was always right to the point, as if she was doing me a favor by helping me.

    Her tone was also short with me the following day when I called her to ask a question about a form she had sent me the precious night. She started saying she can't keep talking about things, that she has done what she needs to for me, and that she has other customers to help as well. I finally told her if she can't handle questions from a customer about health insurance, even over a few days, then that is ridiculous.

    Picking a good plan takes some time and forethought. The whole health insurance system is convoluted, and people really need guidance from an insurance agent that has the patience to talk for more than 10 full minutes with a customer about picking a plan. I honestly can't even believe I have to write and explain this in a review. Wow.

    Anyways I ended up finding another insurance agent who helped me with my situation in 15 mins on the phone. It really wasn't a big deal after all, but Barbara seems too busy. So if you use her services, be prepared that she will initially send you a bunch of very useful information, but then make sure you do as much of your own homework after that as possible, and keep follow up questions to a minimum.

    Me? No thanks, I'd rather deal with a cool insurance broker that has time to guide and answer whatever questions I have about a serious life decision.

    thumb Reza Z.
  •   First of all, if you are seeking health insurance, use a broker.  There are too many complications in our current system to do this on your own.  The insurance bureaucracy is probably one of the reasons health care in the United States is so expensive.

    That being said, I want to give a big thank you to Barbara for her help with my Mom's insurance.   This lady knows her stuff, and she is on the ball responding to your requests.  If you give her your business, you won't be disappointed.

    thumb Robert S.

      Barbara has been my savior.  I had had a bad experience with another Health insurance agent and was not only paying too much for my insurance but it was not a good plan for me very  and confusing.  She quickly and efficiently assessed my situation and presented me with several options.  I went with the one that she recommended which started at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately in January I had a fall which resulted in the need for MRI's, Doctor's visits and more recently surgery.  The co pays have been surprisingly reasonable and had I remained on my old plan, I am not sure that I could have afforded.
    Barbara is knowledgeable and very easy to work with.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    thumb Nicola B.

      Barbara is amazing! I've known her for a while and I love her dedication to her agency and clients and her ability to break things down really simply so that I can understand. So helpful and on point in what she does.

    thumb Katrina S.
  •   I cannot recommend Nick Bartuzik more! He has been such a savior in helping me secure both health and dental insurance. Timely response, great communication, and amazing explanations about which plan is best for my needs. If you are on the market for health insurance I greatly suggest using a broker, and Nick to be specific! Huge thank you!!

    thumb Lauren H.

      Nick Bartuzik, very nice & professional.   He helps us to get health insurance.   I highly recommend him.

    thumb T J.

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