Cheers to all the new graduates of 2024!

Celebrating the Class of 2024! This year’s graduates have faced many challenges, from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic to navigating various protests. Despite these difficulties, they have shown incredible resilience and strength. As these remarkable students embark on their next adventure, we want to remind you that their student health insurance plan may be nearing expiration. If your child is covered under your insurance and turns 26, they must secure their coverage.

 It’s important to focus on maintaining good health and making informed decisions about health insurance coverage. Got a new job with health benefits? Can you still use your parents’ health plan? Or is it time to say goodbye to the health coverage from your school? It’s smart to ask these questions now so you can pick the best health insurance for you.

health insurance

If you are losing or about to lose your school’s health insurance, now is the time to speak with us. Contact us at Solid Health Insurance Services about your health insurance options or run your health quote.

Our services as insurance agents come at no cost to you. With rates monitored by government agencies, you can trust that the prices we offer are straightforward and free of any surprise charges when you select insurance through us.

If you eventually land a job and they do not provide health insurance, consider applying for Covered California’s premium assistance. We can navigate you through the application process. You may not be eligible for Covered California’s premium aid depending on your income, so you should instead apply for an off-exchange, which is direct with an insurance company, unsubsidized (no premium assistance) plan, We can give you an overview of all your options or click here for a free quote.

If you are younger than 26 years old, you might be able to continue using your parents’ health insurance. Once you turn 26, the Affordable Care Act requires you to get your own health insurance instead of staying on your parent’s plan. You should also consider your options for dental and vision insurance. You should also consider your choices for dental and vision insurance. Affordable vision and dental plans start at $6.90 per month and $10 per month, respectively.

Before selecting your health insurance plan, You must consider your budget and medical needs. Please list the hospitals and doctors you like. Every insurance company has a different network of providers; some plans might include your chosen doctors and hospital systems, while others might not. While other plans have no deductibles at all, some have large deductibles that must be met before paying medical and/or drug costs. The insurance industry uses a lot of vocabulary, including well-known terms like copays, deductibles, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums, etc., that can be challenging to comprehend. An insurance policy should be understood as a legal agreement between the insurer and the insured.

Insurance might look complicated at first, but it’s a good idea to team up with an expert insurance agent. We can show you different plans and help you pick one that fits what you need medically and what you can afford. For getting the right health, dental, vision, life, and long-term care insurance that’s just right for you, Solid Health Insurance Services is always delighted to assist. For better experience, you may fill up this quick quote survey and schedule a meeting with me or reach me at 310-909-6135 or