The first open enrollment period for obtaining health insurance is over and has been very successful in California.  March being the unprecedented month, more than 340,000 Californians rushed to sign up before the Open Enrollment Period ended. Covered California had planned fewer than 700,000 sign ups but as of now over 1.2 Million Californians have enrolled in Covered California and more than 600.000 new Medi-Cal enrollees have been counted.

If you have not yet signed up there is still a small window until April15th to obtain coverage, please contact Solid Health Insurance Services at once if you need help to find a suitable health plan.

Now the Special Enrollment Period has  begun. It runs from April 1st through December 31st 2014. Qualify events such as loss of job, birth of child, marriage will allow you to sign up for health care coverage.  

For more detailed information of the qualifying events  whether you qualify  to sign up in the Special Enrollment Period read my article on Special Enrollment Period.

Solid Health Insurance Services our mission is to find you affordable health insurance in California, which fits your health and budget needs with the doctors and hospitals of your choice.