Los Angeles Health Insurance Shoppers Learn That Lower Health Insurance Premiums Means Fewer Choices.

While Federal officials have claimed that health insurance will cost less than expected under the Affordable Care Act, they seldom mention one of the most significant reasons for this. In an effort to cut costs, many insurers are dramatically limiting the number of options consumers have when choosing a doctor or hospital within their network. Throughout California (along with many other states throughout the country) insurers are restricting the number of providers available to treat patients under the new health care plans. In the area of Santa Barbara and Ventura County, health insure is even only Anthem and Blue Shield, resulting in less competition and higher premiums than in the Los Angeles area.

Most of those shopping for coverage will be those with a moderate to low income. For these consumers, price is the key deciding factor. In response, insurers have created smaller networks of doctors and hospitals than typically found in commercial insurance, and, in many cases those health care providers will be paid less than they would have been by larger insurance corporations.

In effect, health care providers and consumer advocates are growing concerned about the fact that having an insurance card does not necessarily guarantee access to specialists or other specific providers.

While Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the medical centers within the University of California are not included, the Blue Shield & Anthem plans of California do not offer services in Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Only Healthnet and Cigna (outside the exchange) have Cedar Sinai providers in their network.

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