United Health Care publishes each year a remarkable Senior Report. With so many baby boomers going into retirement in the next 3 decades, it is projected that the senior population will double from currently 43.1 million to 83.7 million 2050. These will bring challenges to the existing programs such as Social Security and Medicare. United Health Care key findings  for 2016 area are:

“Next-generation seniors set to be less healthy than current seniors, with 55 percent growth in diabetes and 25 percent increase in obesity , compared to the levels of 14 years ago .

However as the states vary , Solid Health Insurance Services looked specifically for the California market which we serve.

Coming in 28th, California’s Senior Health Ranking Report brought to light specific issues and accomplishments from the past 2015-2016 year. With the projected senior population increase (2016-2030) at almost 50%, it was recorded that home health care increased by 11%, hospice care peaked at 45.6%, and nursing home quality increased by 7%. The senior strengths over the past two years include: a low prevalence of obesity, a low hip fracture rate, and the coverage of high prescription drugs, allowing the California state ranking to move up one spot. Though the overall ranking went up, there were a couple challenges, leaving the accident and death rate higher. California’s obesity and diabetic levels are lower than the southern states, but they don’t rank as highly as healthier states such as; Hawaii, Utah, Colorado and Washington. The diabetes and obesity rate has decreased, yet the poverty and alcoholism rate has drastically increased; in comparison to the overall United States statistics, California is ranked 4/50 in the poverty level. The low SNAP enrollment and high level of mental distress adds to the high poverty, depression, and alcoholism levels. Overall senior behaviors have boosted in the physical inactivity, dental visit, and pain management categories, which have been and currently are specific challenges the overall population is facing.

Seniors have proved that they can manage and control their physical self-being. In California, the numbers for clinical care are high. Over 44% of seniors have ranked healthy, excellent or very good, in health status. Volunteering rates have increased, and also a good option for staying fit. Physical interaction can keep one mentally sharp and active, allowing their mood to increase and depression rates to drop. Picking up new hobbies and activities such as knitting or even word games (sudoku, crossword puzzles, daily math problems) allow the brain to prevent itself from dementia. Around 5 million people throughout America suffer with dementia.  Though there are high rates of well-being, over the past two years, smoking increased by 2.1% to 8%, and has started as a new habit. The newer generations have lowered their rate of teenage and life smoking, yet the baby boomer generation still has an increase in tobacco and alcohol use.

California has seen an overall increase in the safety and increase of the senior population. The low prevalence of obesity, low hip fracture rate, and the prescription drug coverage rates have all improved over the past year, leaving California one spot higher. .Here at Solid Health Insurance, we accommodate the specific and special needs of all ages. Personalized planning, projected rates, and different policies can all be arranged for one’s personal needs. In California, the education rate of seniors has increased. This leaves them at less of a risk of theft, robbery, and scamming, and allows the majority to stay mentally active.
Overall, the report done by the United Health Foundation laid out a projected future for seniors. The health and overall activity level is increasing (and is planned to stay the same in the future) and the lack of safety and precautions have died down. The State Health department website, www.cdhp.ca.gov , has more information if further research is desired. When it comes to the overall nation’s health and safety, California came in 16th (America’s Health Ranking). This yearly study helps project and target the future for the 65+ generation.

Being a baby boomer and have question what to do when you turn 65 years old, please contact Solid Health Insurance Service, so that we can give you an independent view of the many health plan choices one has when moving into retirement.