65 year-old veterans who are receiving Veterans Administration (VA) benefits do not have to apply for Medicare. However, there are several reasons why applying for Medicare could be advantageous for them.

Using both VA benefits and Medicare allows Veterans to see more doctors. This is especially important if their health condition needs varied options, seeing it will allow them to go to a wider variety of hospitals, doctors and other services.

It is a good idea to sign up for Part A and Part B when Veterans turn 65 years old, so that they avoid paying a possible penalty by missing the initial enrollment period on Part B. The penalty for Part B is an extra 10 % to their monthly premium for each year one delays to sign up for Part B. That could mean hundreds of dollars per year in penalties. Also, a delay in enrollment means that they have to wait to enroll between January and the end of March, with coverage not beginning until July 1 of that year.

There is good news for Veterans concerning Part D, the prescription drug coverage. The VA has a very good program for prescription drug coverage and also offer a mail order service. As the VA prescription program is “creditable coverage“, veterans will not have a penalty if they fail to sign up for Part D .

Every day 10,000 people are turning 65-years-old in the United States. Being informed about Medicare and the various optionss will enable you to take the required control of your health care needs. Rely on Solid Health Insurance Service to explain you the many options Medicare has to offer.