Telemedicine is one of the fastest growing trends in the modern  health care industry, have you tried it yet?
U.S. board-certified doctors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days, 365 days (24/7/365) in a year to resolve many of your non-emergency medical issues through phone or video consultation and can even prescribe medications.

Instead of sitting in a waiting room, you can consult a doctor conveniently from your home, even in the middle of the night or while travelling about many medical conditions such as cold & flu symptoms, Allergies, Bronchitis just to mention a few, even mental consultation are available. Telemedicine is very effective in rural places, where it is difficult to get to a doctor or specialist. Telemedicine can also be used by chronically ill patients to check in regularly with a doctor or nurse practitioner . Even in an emergency situation, a short talk to a Telemedicine doctor might help to receive the right care.  For business owners, this is a great tool to provide to your employees, as many employees might choose to consult a doctor via their personal app instead of loosing time at work and waiting a long time in the waiting room of a doctors office.

Wikipedia is giving a great overview of the forms on how telemedicine can be used . Please click this link to see more detailed information.
For Californians, I have summarized for individual and small businesses the following overview:
Please take 5 minutes and subscribe to your insurance carrier telemedicine provider so that you are ready when you need medical attention.
* Blue Shield offers Teladoc  for a $ 5.00 co-payment. See attached flyer.
Oscar offers free service telemedicine over Oscar Member portal.
* Anthem offers their service over Life Health Online and they charge your regular co-pay.
* Kaiser members can talk with nurses and email their doctors via the Kaiser portal or their appointment center at 888-988-2800.
* Aetna  offers Teladoc to their HMO members. The copay maybe up to a maximum of $ 40 per Teladoc visit.
For the uninsured, I suggest a $ 12 monthly service from freshbenies for unlimited consultation with U.S certified doctors via Teladoc .
Did you know that in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego , San Francisco, Silicon Valley there are doctor house calls even available online with If you have a group health insurance with your company you should sign up for HEAL, as they will charge you, depending on you health plan,  just the normally co-pays for a doctor visit at your home. This is a perfect tool for families with small children or chronically ill patients. If you have no insurance they will charge $99 per visit.
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