Many Californians have received in the last week renewal notices from Covered California and their current health insurance carrier and are confused what the difference between the renewal period and open enrollment period is ?

The renewal period is for enrolled health insurance policy holders to make changes to their current  health coverage from now  through December 15, 2014.  Policy holders can decide to keep or change your current health plan, add or remove members to your coverage, and report changes such as change of address or change of income that may affect the premium assistance  you currently receive.  Unfortunately currently the renewal process does not work properly at Covered California due to technical errors. Hopefully by next week this issue will be solved .

The open enrollment period starts November 15,2014 and ends February 15th 2015. Open enrollment is the time for new consumers in a health plan . Consumers who have already renewed can also make changes to their health coverage during open enrollment.

If you take no action, you will keep your current health plan, as long as the health plan is offered for 2015. Cigna enrollees of 2014 have to switch to the ACA plan of 2015.  The Health Net PPO plan in Covered California , will switch for Southern California to Health Net Care Savings Plan (HCSP) and an EPO for Northern California. If Cigna Individual policyholders and Health Net PPO policyholders through Covered California do not take any action, then they would loose their health coverage in January 2015. All other policyholders such as Anthem, Kaiser, Blue Shield members will be just re-enrolled in your current health plan, but your premium will be slightly higher due to rate increases and being one year older.

Confused by all this? – You are not alone. We at Solid Health Insurance Services guide you through the renewal and open enrollment process. Our mission is to find you, your family and your employees a health plan which is affordable for 2015 and let you see the doctor and hospital  of your choice.

Contact us for an independent review  of your health insurance needs and please know that the consultation is free of charge.