In contrast to previous years there is only 1 more day left in the Annual Medicare Advantage and Part D Enrollment Period (AEP)  for 2012, The AEP is an important tool to guarantee affordable health insurance for medicare eligible subscriber in Santa Monica.

The Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D  for 2012 started October 15th and will end December 7th of 2011, there are  only 10 days left to make changes in your Advantage Plan or in your Medicare Part D plan.

Especially here in Santa Monica and Brentwood, many policy holders had to switch there Medicare Advantage Plans. One reason was that Anthem Blue Cross discontinued their Freedom PPO Plan but offered a new local Medicare Advantage PPO plan, another reason for switching plans was that  policy holders on the  local Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO Plans cannot access UCLA doctor in 2012. If you need more information about individual plans do not hesitate to contact us at https://www.

The Annual Dis-Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans will be from January 1 to February 14th 2012, and your only opportunity to make a change. During this time you will only be allowed to disenroll from your Medicare Advantage Plan and return to original Medicare. You may purchase a stand alone Part D plan and purchase a medicare Supplement plan if you wish.

Remember in 2012 your Medicare Part B Premium will only rise $ 3.50 from $ 96.40 to $ 99.90 for most Seniors. Higher -Income Seniors will pay higher premium amounts based on a sliding scale.

Take action now if you are interested in enrolling into a Medicare Advantage Plan it is in your best interest to be proactive and compare plans.

Finding affordable health insurance in Brentwood is our main goal, let us help you to answer any questions you might have concerning your health insurance.