Affordable Health Care Protection brings peace of mind for you family in Brentwood.

Many of us know by now that health care cost are exorbitant. A colleague told recently a story of a his daughter’s appendix operation. His daughter had an emergency appendix operation, luckily the doctors were able to remove the appendix before it actually burst. If the appendix would have bursted all the toxins would have been released and her condition would have been much more critical. But even with the”normal “ appendix operation his daughter had to spend three and half days in the hospital .And the total cost  was approx. $ 72,000. Counted the deductible  and out-of pocket maximum, together he had to pay $ 4500 , still a considerable amount of money but nothing aginst $ 72,000.

As this experience illustrates health insurance is a form of protection. It helps to offset the exorbitant cost of unexpected medical bills, even if deductible and out-of pocket maximum are constantly rising. By now many of us know that the number one reason for bankruptcy in America is medical bills. The average cost of a hospital stay would be devastating for the average family without health insurance . In California the average hospital stay last 4.5 days and cost approximately $ 72,000 . Whereas  the average Californian median income is $ 47,200.
Many people are overwhelmed with insurance questions already buying car,  home owner insurance frustrates consumer. Sometime people who consider themselves very healthy, want to take on the risk of not buying health insurance. But reconsider twice, health insurance cost are higher than car insurance but going without health insurance can  ruin you financially and you can loos all your hard earned assets.
Affordable Health Insurance serves as protection against the high cost of unexpected medical bills. It also gives families in Brentwood peace of mind, knowing that they’re covered if they get sick ; have an accident; the need surgery or emergency care.