Another year is almost behind us, the health insurance industry started in 2011 in California with many unpopular rate increases, which were successfully frozen due to intervention from the California Insurance Commissioner.

Blue Shield even gave twice to their policy holders money back, when their net profits grew over 2 percent.

What will 2012 have in store for you, your family and business?

With the exception of maternity plans,which have to be offered starting July 1st in all Individual Insurance plans, most plans and benefits will remain the same. Due to a mandate that all health insurance increases will be reviewed by the federal government (HHS) for plans, which show an increase over 10 percent, I predict that health insurance rates will not climb over the 10 percent mark. Blue Shield’s announcement of a 9.9 percent increase over all their plans and Anthem supplement increases of approx. 9.9 percent for the most popular plans, verifies my predictions.
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