Worried about breast cancer? Here is one good suggestion how to have affordable health insurance work in Santa Monica, while taking advantage of Athena Breast Health Network.

Athena is a study of five UC medical centers which plan to  unite California women, physicians, and researcher to better personalize breast cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

At the time you have your mammogram, you will be asked to take an online health history questionnaire that will help to personalize your screening and breast cancer prevention plan.  If you are identified as being at higher risk for breast cancer, you will be referred to appropriate resources, such as risk-reduction programs or genetic counseling. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will be offered the very latest options in medical care and access to promising new approaches through clinical trials. Furthermore you will be followed over many years to monitor your health. The Athena Breast Health Network provide you with a personalized risk assessment after your initial health history questionnaire to guide your breast health plan. Leading researchers and physicians across the state are working together to develop and provide state of the art breast cancer screening and treatment programs. Based on the latest knowledge in the field, Athena  will be able to offer you more and better choices for your individual care.

So while taking advantage of affordable health insurance and participation in this  local Athena program, you will be able to manage efficiently your health in Santa Monica.