Most Californians patience level has been tested in the last 2 months since introduction of the ACA Plans, and unfortunately I still must ask you to tolerate more patience as there are too many unknowns. It is up to insurance commissioner Dave Jones now to determine if Californians can remain for another year on their existing plans or that consumers can still buy the old plans, until that decision the complete industry is on hold. 

The following groups of Californians need to act:

* Uninsured who have been denied coverage,

* People who will receive a subsidy due to low income,

* Policyholders who had an up-charge on their old plans due to medical reason, or are on Cobra

* Policyholders who have insurance carriers which are leaving California for 2014, such as Aetna and UHC

 The following group of Californians needs to wait;

People who like their current plan better than the new Aca plan should remain as long as possible on their plans, but make sure to inform your carrier that you want to stay on your existing plan. Deadlines are in the first week of December.

Anthem policy holders need to be even more patient as of now the insurance commissioner has not approved the not approved the final off-exchange rates” and application from Anthem .

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