While we get blasted with  radio advertising  that Covered California is open for business and ready to enroll, unfortunately the website has not been working since Wednesday February 18th. (Today is day four of a nonworking website)

It would be only fair that Californians get an extension on the enrollment period  beyond March 31st. The only way to enroll is filling out a paper application, but until the website is running no one can enter the information in the system. So I think it only fair to give an extension to the enrollment deadline of March 31, 2014.

Californians  who have enrolled in January are now only getting experience with their new insurance plans and there reduced doctor selection. Consumers who are not happy with the remapping of their health plans by Anthem and Blue Shield need to have a chance to be able to switch to other insurance providers.

Californians on Anthem grandfathered plan, who experience in April rate increases of up to 25 % have to find new plans and have only until March 31st to so .

Californians should demand that the enrollment period has to be extended beyond March 31st, so that unsatisfied consumers still have an opportunity to switch health plans which better meet their individual needs.

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