The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the employer-employee relationship after the effects of the pandemic on everyone’s physical, mental, social, and financial lives. With employers having more consideration for the health of their employees, many employers are reviewing how to maximize their employee benefits with a reasonable budget.

One trend in the health insurance marketplace is the expansion of telemedicine service providers, often free of charge or at a low copay. COVID-19 has seen the rapid growth of telemedicine providers such as Teladoc, LiveHealthOnline, & Babylon along with mental health & wellness services such as Calm, Ginger, and ChooseHealthy. Insurance carriers including Blue Shield, LA Care, Anthem, Health Net, Oscar, & Kaiser offer free telemedicine services with the most common telemedicine provider being Teladoc (used by Blue Shield & LA Care). Anthem Blue Cross offers free telemedicine via LiveHealthOnline while Kaiser & Oscar have their own unique free telemedicine services. Health Net has partnered with Babylon Health to provide free telemedicine services as well.

Many insurance carriers also offer discounted gym membership, and health & wellness programs through partners such as ChooseHealthy (used by Kaiser & Blue Shield of CA). Considering all the latest free benefits offered by insurance carriers, there are plenty of affordable insurance options out there that can offer both health insurance as well as health & wellness benefits as well. A healthy workforce is instrumental to a successful business. By investing in your employees’ health, you are also directly investing in the success of your business.

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