Accordingly to the most recent statistic five insurance carriers accounted for three-fourths of the $ 105 billion health insurance revenues in California; with such little competition it is even harder to find affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.

Kaiser Permanente owns 33% of the  California market, Anthem Blue Cross 15 %, Blue SHield 10 % , Health Net 10 % , United Health care 8 % and Aetna 3 %, all other carriers make a 21 %.

in 2010 the six largest insurance carrier lost more than 400,000 commercial enrollees. In contrast, Medi-Cal and Medicare enrollment grew, where by over a third was enrolled in managed care plans.

In 2010 for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance enrollment declined. But five of the six largest insurance carrier posted a positive net income for 2010, in contrast to 2009.

Large majorities of HMO and PPO members rated their plans highly in getting appointments quickly, finding a doctor and getting the care they needed. Surprisingly HMO enrollees rated their care highly than those enrolled in PPOs, while PPO participants were able to set faster appointments.

Especially the fact that many HMO participants rated their care highly is very interesting. When I meet with Small groups I often hear the stereotype that HMO’s are not working, but I want to point out if you have a good primary care provider you will receive excellent service, with lower cost as most HMO plan do not have deductibles, and the overall premium is lower than small group PPO plans.

The fact that 6 insurance carriers have three-fourths of the health insurance market  in California is alarming, if you compare premiums, they are between the carriers very similar; and this weakens  the ability to offer affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.