Finding affordable health insurance in Santa Monica can be often a difficult task . Frustration comes to my mind, when reading today’s LA Times article “Blue Shield CEO earns $ 4.6 million” , while the middle class can hardly pay for their health insurance.

How can a CEO of Blue Shield earn $4.6 Mio salary in a non-profit organization? It is utterly frustration! Not only, we the independent agent, got our commission this year cut in half,  but premiums  are still rising for  the consumer.  Are they using the extra money to pay their CEO an extra CEO package? But it is not only Blue Shield , Kaiser CEO earned $ 6.7 million, Healthnet $ 2.4 million plus stock options valued at $ 3.4 Million, I almost feel sorry for Anthem CEO who earns $ 800.000 , but  their  ” mother company” Wellpoint CEO earned $ 3.8 million with $ 9 million in stock awards.

WOW enough, I am delighted that the California Department of Insurance released  CEO salary information for the first time, as I hope that there will be a change. I wish that along with our agreement to have our agent commission cut in half, the salary of these CEO’s will be cut in half. Use the money to reduce premiums and help clients who are sick and experience financial hardship.

Thank you to the LA times for this valuable article, the more people get upset about ridiculous high CEO salaries and actually write about it, the more we have the likelihood that something is going to change. Do me a favor use your blog, twitter and facebook to express your frustration about the outrages high salaries of insurance CEO’s,

In the meantime, I will be here for you and assist you to find suitable affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.