Today is  Halloween and the excitement of our kids to get tons of candy in  Santa Monica is huge, but we parents have to make sure that our kids stay healthy. With rising childhood obesity, 20 % of our kids are obese,  and all the dental problems caused by candies, we need to make sure that not all the candy collected are winding up in our kids tummy. Healthy life styles will allow us decrease our health care cost and with that be able to offer affordable health insurance.

Here are some great ideas what to do with the candies.

1)  Good cause. Bring candies to the school and collect  them  for a good cause,send the candies to a hospital where children were not able to go trick  or treating.

2) Recycle it. Screen the candy your kids bring home. Take out any candy your children don’t like like or you don’t want them to have and then send that candy back out the door with other trick- or- treaters.

3) Freeze it. Freeze chocolate bars. Frozen chocolates take longer to eat, so that children can’t eat them so fast. You might use them for your next camping trip or ice cream Sundae.

4) Stuff it. Gather the candies and stuff them into a pinata. Crack the pinatas open at Thanksgiving or any good occasion.

5 ) Create it . Use the candies for building sculptures. Make mosaics with candies or creative maizes.

6 ) House it . Use the candies for your gingerbread house for Christmas.

7 ) Eat it – let your children eat their favorite candies on Halloween, but just watch how many candies they eat. No one enjoys kids on a sugar rush and make sure that they really brush, floss and rinse their teeth tonight.

Enjoy Halloween in Santa Monica and teach your children healthy lifestyles by learning not to over indulge.

Only with creating healthy lifestyles in our generation and the generations to follow, will be able to decrease out health care cost and with that be able to offer affordable health insurance in Santa Monica