[gplus count=”true” href=”https://solidhealthinsurance.com/blog/implementing-wellness-programs-can-be-one-alternative-to-find-affordable-health-insurance-in-santa-monica” size=”Medium” ]Approximately 70 % of all healthcare costs are due to lifestyle choices, by selecting the right life style choices, one can actually  find more affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.

The innovative insurance carrier SeeChange Health offers incentives  such as enhanced benefits that offer lower coinsurance, reduced out of pocket maximums, financial rewards such as $ 200-$ 500 incentive deposited in an HIA account upon completion of the health questionnaire, biometric screening and preventive examinations.  An example of the driving costs of care is that if cancer is detected and treated within the early stages, the chances of survival are much greater and the cost to treat the disease is much lower than in its is late stage.  If detection occurs during preventive screening , the disease can be more economically and efficiently be treated. The ultimate goal is keeping the patient healthy and saving their life .

Many of the insurance carriers such as Anthem, Kaiser, Heathnet , Aetna and United Health care believe in preventive health care. Here are some of their informative websites.

* Anthem health info website

* Kaiser heath info website

* United Health Care – health info website

So while making a change in your life style choices, you will be able to find affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.