The individual mandate, that everyone carry health insurance or face tax penalties, was yesterday overthrown by the Atlanta Appeals court and may have a consequence to finding affordable health insurance in Brentwood.

In order for the Obama health care reform effectively to work and guarantee that every American can have health insurance, is based on the principle that everyone enrolls in health insurance. To declare by the Atlanta Appeals court that an individual mandate is unconstitutional, might jeopardize the health care reform.
Only when everyone is enrolled in health insurance, we can guarantee that everyone can enroll, even the very sick.

To ask private insurance carrier to enroll everyone, while not sharing by everyone the cost of the very sick is unrealistic. Why would a healthy person buy health insurance, when they know they can get health insurance if they are really get sick! Look at New York, where the health insurance for the young is sky rocket high, and many only enroll when they are getting sick. We have examples already to see that it is not working.
Not asking every American to buy health insurance, but demanding that everyone who wants to have health insurance can get is, is not working. We need to feel a social obligation to share the health care cost. Our health care premium will rise, if we have a guarantee issue for all American but we are not sharing the cost.
All private insurance carrier saying that the premium will rise, if we get a guarantee issue status without sharing the cost nationwide, and this will make it harder to find affordable health insurance in Brentwood.