Have you ever struggled to visit the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions but you were feeling too sick to get out of bed? Instead of going outside the house and likely getting more sick or even getting others sick, why not order your prescriptions via mail order? All health insurance carriers offer mail-order prescriptions, either ordered directly by your insurer or through a third party such as Caremark or Ingenio. Below is each insurance carrier’s provider and contact information to order up to a 90-day supply of prescriptions mailed right to your door.

Blue ShieldCaremark – phone # 866-346-7200

Anthem BC – Ingenio – phone # 833-253-4446

Health Net – Caremark – phone # 888-624-1139

Kaiser – Kaiser – phone # 866-206-2982 (for Los Angeles area) or order via the member portal

Oscar- please click here to complete a form

MolinaCare – Caremark – phone # 800-875-0867 or fill out a form

LA Care- Kroger or fill out a form

Not only can you order prescriptions for up to a 90-day supply to be delivered right to your door, but you can also get prescribed drugs via doctors on call, aka telemedicine services such as Teladoc (for Blue Shield & Health Net), Heal (for Health Net) or directly from your insurance carrier. Oscar offers free doctors on call from their mobile app while Kaiser allows you to schedule an e-visit with a doctor.

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