The Medicare Annual Disenrollment Period (ADP) starts from January 1st through February 14th, please let us help you to find affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.

In the Medicare Annual Disenrollment Period  ( ADP ) beneficiaries who have a current MAPD or MA plan, may choose to disenroll from their MAPD or Ma plan and go back to Original Medicare.

To accomplish this, they get an SEP to enroll in a PDP plan.

    • Enrolling in the PDP plan will disenroll them from the previously elected MAPD or MA plan back to Original Medicare
    • They can then purchase a Medicare Supplement if they choose.
    • If the person is enrolled in a PFFS – no Rx plan + a stand alone PDP, they will have to actually disenroll from the PFFS plan to go back to Original Medicare.

Let us assist you to find in the process of disenrollment from you MAPD Plan or MA plan, and find  affordable health insurance in  Santa Monica.