The newest LA County Public Health Campaign with the motto of ” Choose less, weigh less” will help to keep affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.

Concerned about the danger of consistently climbing obesity in Los Angelos, the LA county public health department reminds Angelenos to control their portion size when eating a meal.  Nearly 24 % of Angelenos were in 2011 obese, this is a 74 % increase since 1977 , when only 13.6% of all Angelenos were obese. The obesity rate is higher for Latinos and African American than Asian and Caucasian. Obesity is more prevalent among people with less education and lower income.

Controlling the obesity rate and possibly reducing it  will help to lower the health care cost in Los Angelos and Santa Monica. Obesity leads to chronicle illnesses such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke, which causes health care cost to explode and with that also health insurance cost in Santa Monica. Getting a handle of obesity is an important tool to reduce the health care cost and with that being able to offer affordable health insurance in Santa Monica.