We have all read with much frustration that the website of Covered California and the Federal Exchange website has many flaws. Today in an interview with NPR in Los Angeles, a computer expert mentioned that basic security issues were not addressed. When setting up your account, the 5 security questions you answer are not encrypted. This allows hackers to easily access your personal information. He addressed that a when setting up the account you also don’t receive an email confirmation, usually a standard security procedure.

I am really saddened by the whole matter, as in the end many Californians are confused and unable to find the correct affordable health insurance.

The eagerness of trying to replace insurance agents (who have spent years gaining expertise in finding affordable health insurance for their clients) by a state run website has very much back fired.  It comes down to only insurance agents having the expertise to compare the health insurance plans inside and outside of the health exchange. Over the years we have been trained to have the abilities to explain to Californians new health plans and new policies. Only insurance agents have been fingerprinted and background checked, and know how to consult clients who are confused by the new system. It saddens me that Californians spent hours on the website system instead of picking up the phone and finding a certified Covered California insurance agent.

Barbara Kempen, owner of Solid Health Insurance Services, was one of the first certified agents. We would love to help you navigate the system. As of now, the paper form is the fastest and easiest way to fill out your application. We can provide you with affordable health insurance rates inside and outside of the exchange, and send you provider directories of most health insurance carriers.

Let us help you to find affordable health insurance in accordance with the new affordable care act guidelines in West Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and the rest of California.