Yesterday President Obama announced a two year extension for individuals to remain on their old health plans, which are not ACA compliant.  Even California’s insurance commissioner Dave Jones supports Obama wish and urged Covered California to reconsider their point of view.In

In November  Covered California denounced President Obama’s wish and did not allow the extension of non ACA-compliant health plans for California. Their opinion was “that extending the deadline offers no benefits to the consumer and may create confusion about accessing health care”  Reviewing  what a complete nightmare the past 6 months since implementation of the Affordable Care Act have been, with non working websites, endless waiting line on the phone with the carriers, wrong invoicing and reduced networks and misunderstanding of the new health plans, it will be interested if Covered California remains on their opinion “that consumers would be only more confused while remaining on their health plans “.

State Senator Gaines has filled yesterday a lawsuit against Covered California for illegally not allowing more than 900,000 Californians to remain on their health plans, which have not been ACA compliant. Most Californians have been forced to be remapped to the new plans, many of them do not yet understand the reduced networks and the limited care they have been remapped to.  Blue Shield customer who were allowed to remain on their old plans until March 31st might still take advantage of Obama’s extension of remaining on their old health plans. A final decision has to be made soon, as these Blue Shield customers will otherwise be remapped to the new ACA plans.

The Enrollment Period of March 31st 2014 will not be extended accordingly to  President Obama.

This months is the last chance to switch your health plan for 2014. Please contact Solid Health Insurance Services with any questions you may have concerning the new ACA plans and how you could apply for subsidies over Covered California.