Starting July 1st the PCIP, Pre-existing Conditon insurance Plan, enrollment will be made easier and in some states the rates will be decreasing so that we possible find affordable health insurance in Santa Monica for clients with Pre-Existing Conditions.

The requirement that you are a lawful US- Citizen or US Residents and that you have been 6 months without health coverage still remains, but a denial letter from a private insurance is no longer a requirement. It is sufficient to simply provide a letter from a doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner dated within the past 12 months stating that they have or, at any time in the past, had a medical condition, disability, or illness to apply for coverage for the PCIP plans. In my agency I run into the problem that people with pre-existing conditions cannot afford to be without insurance for 6 months, so many of my clients opted to a guaranteed issue plan versus the PCIP plans. I wish they would have loosen the 6 months waiting period.

In some states the premium of the PCIP plans will be lowered, which will allow  usto offer more affordable health insurance , the final rate adjustments are not published yet for CA or Santa Monica.