With the presidential election in full swing, about 70 % of people living in Santa Monica believe that the healthcare reform will be in effect in 2014. Depending on the elected President we will see drastic changes in the healthcare system. We will most likely move from an employer driven health care system to an individual driven health care system through health care exchanges.

Pre 2014 the health care system required medical underwriting and most Americans found their health insurance coverage through their employment.

Post 2014 even American with medical problems will be able to obtain health insurance, there will be federal subsidies for families earning less than $ 88,000. The implementation of health care exchanges will most likely result that the new health care system will be more individual and family driven than employer driven as it is currently is.

Tax accountants will have a critical role for small businesses with the health care reform . Tax advisors will assist small companies if it is make sense to take the new tax credits for companies  who offer health insurance for their employees . Furthermore they will be one of the advisors’ to make the determination to offer group insurance or if it is more cost efficient to not offer  group health insurance and pay the penalties and have less administrative work.

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