Starting July 1st, more than 1,5 million Californians see a rise in their health care premiums, which makes it even more important to find Affordable Health Insurance in Brentwood.
The rate increases mainly affected small business health insurance policy holders and Individuals. The average rate increased between 3% to 17%, depending on the insurance carriers.

– Healthnet – small business policy holder had an average of 16 percent premium increase.
– Kaiser- showed an average of 12% premium increase.
– Aetna – an average of 12.7% premium increase.
– Anthem – charges an average of 3-9.5 % on small business policy and on some Individual Plans as much as 13%.

The decision to switch policies in the middle of the year, has to be evaluated not only in regard to premium, but also how much money the policy holders have already applied towards the deductible and prescription deductible and if the current providers are also in the network of the new health plan. Switching to a new plan, means to start over again on all deductibles.

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