The S&P downgrade, which resulted in one of the biggest one day stock market losses in the last years, might also have an effect on finding affordable health insurance in Brentwood.

In today’s speech President Obama addressed the nation concerning the downgrade of the U.S. government by the S & P from a credit rating from  AAA to AA+. He said that this downgrade is only an appeal to a “renewed sense of urgency ” to tackle the nation’s fiscal crisis.  But the U.S. stock market reacted against his speech and fall over 600 points. Since July the stock market has dropped almost 2000 points!

In Obama’s speech he asked politicians to work together instead of ” a refusal to put what’s best for the country ahead of self interest or party Ideology”. But President Obama clearly states that “modest adjustments to health care programs like Medicare “ are required next to tax reform and other spending cuts.

Instead making adjustments to health care programs like Medicare, he would be better advised to listen to the Medicare’s chief actuary estimates, in which it states that up to $150 billion from its $ 500 billion 2010 budget could be trimmed without harming care. Up to 30 % of U.S, healthcare is wasteful. Here are some examples of waste and fraud practices:

1) Punish Pharmaceutical Fraud. 2)  Do not allow to delay generics when patents are expiring. 3) Bargain for drug prices. Congress barred Medicare and Medicaid from negotiating bulk discount rates , thereby  funneling an estimate of $ 14 billion a year from tax payers to drug companies. 4)  Reducing the amount of antipsychiotic prescriptions for Dementia. 5) Control the cost of expansive and often invasive diagnostic treatments.

The current generation in medicare and the babyboomers have paid many years into the  medicare system, to make sure that in retirement medical help is readily available. Instead of cutting medicare, we should cut our losses in the wars overseas. Put the money we spend there in infrastructure inside the U.S.

Create a good education system and affordable health insurance in Brentwood and the US, instead of fighting against  nations overseas,  who do not care about our value system.

Why do we have to be the world police when we cannot offer affordable health insurance in the US ?