The Open Enrollment Period for 2016 starts November 01 and Ends January 31st.

If you  picked a health plan policy, but have determined that it doesn’t suit your needs. Now starting November 1st is your chance to switch your current health plans.

Good News for all Californians. Anthem  and Blue Shield offer this year only PPO’s, which allow you to go out-of-network. Furthermore the choices of doctors and hospitals are better than in the previous years. Angelenos will have the choice to choose Oscar a very competitive healthplan carrier with a “high tech approach:, as it is backed by Google and Goldman Sachs.

When choosing a new plan, take care. Determine what exactly you didn’t like about your old plan (along with some things that you may have enjoyed), and make sure to apply these lessons. As you approach the next open enrollment period, begin asking either your current provider, agent, or HR department at work (if you are insured through your employer) which plan will not present problems for you. It’s important to be informed from all angles when making the switch. Some health insurance providers may even be willing to go the extra mile in accommodating you in hopes of you staying with them. The same can apply for your workplace health insurance. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you are having problems, you might not be the only one!

Many Californians are overwhelmed by the task of figuring out the new affordable care acts and how to maximize the benefits for your family. As your agent, we can help. Email us at or receive a free premium quote. We will make sure that we find you and your family an affordable health plan in California for 2016.