The yearly Special Enrollment Period for Small businesses is between November 15th to December 15th. In this period small businesses can enroll in small business insurance through SHOP Covered California, Anthem, Blue Shield, Aetna, Kaiser,  Oscar, California Choice and UHC group health insurance plans without meeting the minimum-participation-rate requirement and minimum-contribution -limit! This means you can enroll only 1 employee in your small group health insurance and you do not have to use the set contribution level set by the insurance carriers.

If your small business does not meet the minimum-participation-rate, often 60 -70 % of the employees have to enroll in the group insurance, this is a great time to take advantage of the Special Enrollment Period.

Californa Choice and Covered California’s SHOP Marketplace for small businesses gives your small business a wide variety of health plans from Kaiser, Blue Shield, Oscar, UHC and Health Net to choose from. You can offer your employees more than one carrier if enrolling through SHOP or California Choice to better serve your employees’ unique medical needs and budgets. Depending on the salaries of the employees, your business may be able to receive tax credits through SHOP Covered California.

With the unemployment rate at a decade low, it is becoming an increasingly competitive job market. To better compete with your competitors to bring in top talent, it is recommended to offer your employees health insurance along with other benefits such as dental and vision. Offering benefits to your employees sends the message that you care about your employees’ health and financial security, helps bring in talent as well as supports maintain existing employees.

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