For many Cobra subscribers the 65 % government subsidy which was given from September 1 2008 until May 31 2010 is running out, and they need to find affordable health insurance options in Brentwood.

Depending on your health status they are many good options in the individual insurance industry . You will be surprised to know that your premium might be similar to your Cobra subsidized plan, or even lower.

Unfortunately if your health status is not good and you take various medication, such anti depression prescription, blood pressure, allergy or cholesterol medication, it will be more difficult to find you a suitable individual health insurance. The carriers might  “up charge” the premium  from 25 % – 100% ,  or even  declare you uninsurable. Many people who consider themselves healthy, are not considered healthy under strict insurance  underwriting guidelines. Therefore do not hesitate to call a health insurance agent , as we can inform you upfront if they see a possible problem. Prior to submitting an insurance application we can contact the insurance carriers, without given your name and inquiring on your specific health issue.

Here are some more alternatives. If you are very unhealthy you can apply to guaranteed issue health insurance plans, these plans are expensive and have high deductibles. If we feel that you have a” high risk”, than we can enroll you in a health insurance plan with a high deductible, the underwriting guidelines are less strict for high deductible plans. The other options is to open a CA corporation ( you need only 2 partners ) and than you can apply for group insurance. New regulations require that your business is active 50 % in the prior quartal.

You see there are many options to your expensive Cobra insurance policy, let me help you to find affordable health insurance options in Brentwood.