With the implementation of the state exchange there will be also so called “Navigators” trying to assist consumers to understand the new exchange.

In contrast to a licensed insurance agent, who has passed exams and had a complete background check including fingerprinting, Navigators are not asked for such a scrutiny. The law created government-paid helpers called “navigators” who will educate consumers about how to apply and assist them through the process. Navigators won’t work on commission and they can’t favor any one insurer or be paid by insurers. Navigators may be public or private organizations or self-employed individuals. Eligible groups include unions, tribal organizations, church groups and chambers of commerce. A navigator will make $ 58 .- for each applicant he will bring to the state exchange.

A broker such as Solid Health Insurance Services,  who will pass the requirements of the California State exchange will be able to compare the advantages of  Covered California versus your current health  plan and new Private Health Exchanges. A broker will still not ask for a consulting fee, but will be paid from the insurance carrier or the exchange.

The advantage to use a broker is that he can give you a side to side comparison and consult together with you, which healthplan will be the best fit for your family or small business.