Will my doctor and hospital be in the network of the California Health exchange , Covered California?

Unfortunately, many of the new ACA health plans will have a smaller network than you currently have. Therefore, it is critical to research if your doctor is in the network of the exchange health plans. For example, in Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is not in any of the individual health insurance exchange plans. Also Anthem has reduced its provider network from approximately 50,000 physicians to approximately 30,000 physicians. In Los Angeles, Anthem offers in the exchange an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and not a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). An EPO will not cover any service rendered by a provider who is not part of the provider networks except in case of emergency care. Blue Shield offers a PPO plan but is not contracted with UCLA.

Contact Solid Health Insurance Services to make sure that your doctor and your hospital of choice is inside the network of your new ACA health plan inside or outside of the health insurance exchange, Covered California.