[gplus count=”true” href=”https://solidhealthinsurance.com/blog/writing-appeals-are-one-way-to-have-affordable-health-insurance-in-brentwood” size=”Medium” ]A recent Government Accountability office report found out that writing an appeal is a successful tool to get your claims paid and with that have affordable health insurance in Brentwood.

The report advised that more claims problems are caused due to billing and eligibility issues than from disagreements over if the care was medically appropriate. Especially mistakes in billing due to coding errors causing claims processing delays. If the CPT ( Current Procedural Terminology ) code that describers the medical service or test you received does not correspond to the the ICD (International Statistical Classification of Disesease)  code that describes your diagnosis, your claim will be most likely denied and your claims payment will be delayed. Although you have no control of providers miscoding your care or insurers from misinterpreting your plan or eligibility, but you can ask your doctor or insurer to cross-reference the treatment with the diagnosis and make sure that the two are in sync.  Organizations such as the Patient Advocate Foundation are a good source of assistance. The new health law provided $30 million for state-based consumer assistance programs to help people appeal health plan decisions. Before you file an appeal, call your insurer and ask the reason why the claim has been denied.

According to the GAO report in California, the denial rate for six managed care insurers ranged from 6 percent to 40 percent in 2009 . The study found that consumers were successful in appeals. 39- 59 percent received claims payment after filing their appeal with the insurer.

So instead of giving up and paying your claim, contact your insurer and find out the reason why the claim has been denied. If you disagree with the denial file an appeal with your insurer, so that you will be able to get your best out of your  affordable health insurance in Brentwood.