Obviously Anthem of California does want to get rid off their grandfathered plans in California. The announcement of a premium increase of up to 25 percent on their grandfathered plans, due to increasing health care cost is pretty unreasonable, otherwise Anthem’s new ACA ( affordable care act)  plans should have been also increased. In my opinion it is due to the fact that keeping the old grandfathered plan parallel to the new ACA plan requires an additional administration cost for the insurance and also for doctor offices.

Anthem premium increase, 16% on average, are started to go into effect April 1 for up to 306,000 people — unless California regulators persuade the state’s largest for-profit health insurer to back down. Policyholder held on their old grandfathered plans, as they were hoping that this would protect them from additional insurance rate increases, and the old grandfathered plan had a wider network and lower out-of-pocket maximum.

The Affordable Care Act makes it easier for people in this situation to switch coverage because insurers can no longer deny applicants on the basis of preexisting conditions or charge them more because of their medical history. But changing plans isn’t an appealing option for some consumers who like the benefits they have now and worry about losing access to their doctors.

Anthem especially will not be the insurance carrier of the policy holder choice, who hold on their grandfathered plan. In Southern California Anthem offers under the new Affordable Care Act only an EPO and not a true PPO and the networks are much smaller than in 2013. But there are other insurance carrier who offer a true PPO plan and offer even wider networks. Health Net , Cigna and  Blue Shield of CA are very good options and the premiums of their Silver plan or no deductible Gold or Platinum plans are a good option to choose.

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