Back To School, there are many options to consider for affordable health insurance for college students in Santa Monica..

*Parents Health Insurance Plan– with the implementing of the health care reform last year adult children can keep their coverage under a parent’s health insurance plan until the age of 26. If the parent health insurance plan is a group plan, you need to follow the group enrollment policies and their specific open enrollment schedule.   We suggest to compare the premium to an individual healthninsurance plan, as they might be considerable lower .

* Individual Health Insurance Plan– the premium for young adults are very favorable, and therefore many students choose to buy individual insurance plan. Indivdual Health insurance Plan are individually underwritten by the carriers and depending on  medical health condition can be declined. Most often young adults are healthy and receive the best underwriting tiers by insurance carrier, this can be advantageous when you plan to establish a health history with an insurance carrier.

*School sponsored Health Plan – Many colleges and universities offer their own health insurance plans, it is wisely to review their benefits , especially limitations on pre-existing conditions, and read how the plan is handling medical incidents away from campus.

*Government Insurance Options–  PCIP Plans ( Pre-Existing Insurance Plan)  and Medicaid are government insurance options. For the PCIP plan you must have a pre-existing medical  condition and have not have insurance for the last 6 months. For Medicaid you must be in a certain low income bracket.

We hope this quick guide has been helpful to better understand the affordable health insurance options for college students in Santa Monica.