This year “the “Back-To-School Season” is marked with much uncertainty and creates a heavy burden for many families in California. As the CDC so appropriately expresses ” everyone’s goal is to prioritize the reopening of schools as safely and as quickly given the many known and established benefits of in-person learning”, there is still plenty of uncertainty around the coronavirus and if it will be appropriately managed by school districts. Governor Newsom announced that any private or public school located in the state’s “monitoring list” cannot open for in-person instruction until the county has been removed from the list for at least 14 consecutive days. Elementary schools can submit a waiver to open for in-person instruction if they work with their local health departments to coordinate a safe reopening. California’s reasoning to specifically allow elementary schools the opportunity to open early is that younger students are considered lower risk than the rest of the population; however, younger people are also considered super-spreaders of the virus. Social distancing is important for all of us, not just for those that are most vulnerable. The CDC updated its guidance for a safe return to the Fall 2020 school year.

Overall, it appears that the majority of schools will open for online-only courses until more counties have their new cases of COVID-19 down dramatically. With that in mind, what will you do to prepare your family for schooling at home?

  1. Get free preventative vaccinations through your health insurance (as of now no COVID-19 vaccine has been established)
    • President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed has procurement agreements with companies such as Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and others with the intention to have vaccines available by the Beginning of 2021.
    • Moderna has a two-part pricing strategy for its vaccine, one for the pandemic and one for the endemic for the years to come. Big Pharma expects the long-term need of vaccines instead of a one-time use case.
    • COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon so expect to take a vaccine to prevent future outbreaks of the virus.
  2. Coordinate with you work about taking care of your at-home child
    • With your child learning at home, you will have to coordinate how to make sure your child is taken care of without the staff of their school to feed them and check up on them
  3. Learn about the steps taken by your local school district for a transition plan during COVID-19
    • LAUSD has created a plan for online learning by integrating different technologies into one platform called Schoology, establishing a regular school schedule with daily attendance taken and LAUSD also will offer extra support with tutoring by appointment and even Saturday school options for those students who need it.
  4. Consider life insurance to plan for the unexpected
    • Although this is often overlooked, it is critical that your child has a safety net in case of the unexpected. With affordable life insurance at any income bracket, why not get a free quote today for term life insurance here? For indexed universal life, please contact us for proposals.
  5. Take advantage of your health insurance telemedicine provider
    • Health insurers offer free or low-cost telemedicine doctor visits, either from the insurer directly or through a third party. Some major telemedicine providers are Teladoc, used by Blue Shield, LA Care, Molina Care, Health Net, LiveHealthOnline used by Anthem, and Oscar’s own telemedicine directly from the member portal.
    • In this very stressful time please remember that there is also free telemedicine available for mental health.
    • By using a free or low-cost doctor on call, you can save money and time from the comfort of your home to address any health issues for you or your children.
  6. If you have a significant decrease in income or have been laid off work you are still able to obtain health insurance. Covered California and all private insurance companies have extended the Special Enrollment Period, please contact us for a free quote at

At Solid Health Insurance Services, we are always here for you and your family during times of uncertainty. Our mission is to find you affordable health, dental, vision, life, and long-term care insurance that best meets your budget and medical needs. Please contact us at 310-909-6135 or at or contact our website at Solid Health Insurance for a free quote and for more information.