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Is an IUL right for you?

Is an IUL right for you?

Is an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policy right for you? IULs have exploded since the late 1990’s thanks to Transamerica which first started offering these products in 1997. Now, most major life insurance carriers offer IULs, Term and/or Whole Life...

Getting Married? Wondering how will it impact your health and life insurance needs?

Getting married is exciting and a wonderful positive life event in one’s life. However, many couples can get overwhelmed by so many options in wedding planning that they do not find the time to sit down and think about critical questions in their joint life, with...

Getting a divorce – how will it impact your health and life insurance?

Getting a divorce brings a new type of change to your everyday life. For some people this change is wanted, yet for others, it is unexpected and heartbreaking. For all of us though, it is a change, requiring one to revisit all aspects of one’s financial planning and...

Lesson To Learn From The German Wings Tragedy

Many of my clients ask me how I feel about the disaster of the German Wings airplane crash, being an American/German citizen. This tragedy not only saddens me, but is also incomprehensible. A NPR interview  with  Kenneth Feinberg, the Attorney who was in charge of the...