Great news! Covered California just announced that its 2022 rate increase will be 1.8 percent for the individual and family health plans in California. This small increase is due to the American Rescue Plan which grants more financial help for California families. Currently, a record 1.6 million Californians are enrolled in Covered California. This healthy consumer pool allows for better negotiation of favorable health insurance rates for 2022, as well as the expansion of coverage by several health insurance carriers. The last three-year average rate increase has only been 1.1 percent ( 2020-2022), despite the pandemic.

Blue Shield is bringing its Trio HMO plans to Santa Barbara & Monterey while Anthem is returning to more counties in Northern California. In Los Angeles, we are seeing a weighted average rate increase of 1.9% in South & West LA while North and East LA are seeing a rate increase of 2.0%. San Diego County is seeing a 3.3% rate increase, Orange County a 2.9% increase, Santa Barbara & Ventura and 3.1%, San Francisco up 1.3%.

  • All 11 health plans will continue in 2022, and Covered California will add a new plan which will offer coverage in Contra Costa County. Additionally, three plans will expand their coverage areas increasing choice and competition for consumers.
  • Bright HealthCare, which currently operates in 13 other states and covers more than 500,000 people in the individual market, will begin offering coverage in Contra Costa County.
  • While the average rate increase announced last week reflects the statewide average, the circumstances for individual consumers will vary in 2022 given their own individual circumstances and regional rate variations.
  • Beginning in October, we will be able to renew your Covered California policy . Covered California consumers will be able to visit the website and enter their personal information to learn about their gross premium, federal and state subsidies and estimated price for 2022. Until that time, the rate information announced last week only reflects the statewide average.
  • In the meantime, Covered California wants to remind you that consumers can enroll now and begin benefiting from the new and expanded financial help from the American Rescue Plan, available only through Covered California.

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