Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange in California will spend $37 million in grants to begin the massive task of educating millions of Californians about the new healthcare law. Of the $37 million , $ 34 million are dedicated for the education of consumers and  $ 3 million for small business.

The grants will go to 48 organizations, including universities, nonprofit groups, health foundations and unions. They will help state officials explain the new benefits, show people how to access insurance, and encourage small businesses to enroll. But Covered California has not announced yet how independent  insurance agent, who could play a very important role in educating the consumer about the state exchange are involved. It is frustrating for us insurance agent to be able to get only certified in August and are still not informed what the compensation will be. I wonder how many business can successfully run their business, without getting information about their future funding

Covered California’s executive director, Peter Lee,  should really think about how he can better have the insurance agents to be his partners instead eliminating them.  He states  “There is a lot to learn, there is a lot to explain and not a lot of time to do it,. “Covered California can’t deliver this message from behind the desks in Sacramento.” So if he realize that “desk junkies” can’t do the job  why does he trust his state worker more than insurance agents who have many years of experience dealing with consumers explaining them health insurance.

In October, enrollment will begin in the state’s exchange, through which people will be able to purchase insurance with federal subsidies. Consumers will be able to enroll by phone, online, in person and by mail and also with the help of your current health insurance agent. The benefits will take effect in January.

Let’s hope that Covered California realizes that insurance agent are partners and are looking forward to place consumers who are currently uninsurable in the state health exchange of California.