Are you going to or have you recently graduated? If so, congratulations on your success and best of wishes on your career! With graduation season in full-swing, many grads are applying for jobs, preparing resumes, transitioning into careers, going on vacation or even moving back home to the family. One important yet oftentimes overlooked aspect of “adulting” is your insurance.

If you are on your school’s health insurance, you will certainly lose your coverage around your graduation. You must apply for a new health insurance plan within 60 days of losing your coverage during the Special Enrollment Period from February 1st-October 31st. Please note: loss of coverage due to non-payment is not a qualifying life event. During the Open Enrollment Period from November 1st-January 31st in California (November 1st-December 15th in most other states), you can apply for a health insurance plan without a qualifying life event for a January 1st effective date at the earliest.

As a recent graduate, you have several options for your health insurance. At Solid Health Insurance Services, we work with all the major health insurers and we can help you navigate through the carriers to find a plan that meets your budget and provider preferences. If you are still under 26, you may want to consider going back onto your parent’s health insurance, especially if you are unemployed and living with the family. On the other hand, your parent’s health insurance may not be sufficient if you live in a different region or it may be simply too expensive to be added to. We can always review your options for you and see if you qualify for premium tax credits. Furthermore, if you are continuing your education through grad school, your school will most likely offer health insurance for you. You can always review your options with us to see if we can find you a competitively priced plan that better meets your needs.

It is common for recent graduates to have tight budgets, especially with many graduates facing difficulty finding a good paying job after graduation. Depending on your income, you may qualify for premium tax credits/subsidies through Covered California to help lower your monthly premium. Premiums have steadily risen each year although subsidies have also increased to help lower-income individuals and families stay able to afford their health insurance. If you are unemployed and legally present in the United States, you may be eligible for Medi-Cal, the state welfare program (Medi-Caid is its federal program). As independent insurance agents, we can help you navigate through Covered CA or among the off-exchange carriers from the likes of Blue Shield, Oscar, Kaiser, Health Net, LA Care, Molina Care and more. Our services are completely free of charge, you pay the same rates with or without an insurance agent. However, by assigning us as your broker, we can call the insurers on your behalf, help you review the available plans, recommend you providers, help you dispute claims, etc. Finding the right carrier and plan depends on your budget, your provider preferences and your region as rates, provider networks, and carrier availability varies by region. If you are lucky enough to have an employer-sponsored health insurance plan out of school, take advantage of the benefits as the employer will most likely contribute at least 50% towards your monthly premium. We can also help small businesses with their group health, dental, vision and life insurance, all free of charge.

Students who are in the U.S. on a student visa should make sure to have an active visa to be able to apply for an Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance plan. A visitors visa is not acceptable for ACA-compliant health insurance. If you need an immigration attorney, we have some great recommendations to help you with your immigration status. If you are a foreign citizen living in the United States and have missed the Open Enrollment Period or 60-day window at the Special Enrollment Period, we can help you enroll in global health insurance or even traveler’s insurance depending on your length of stay and residency.

Our mission at Solid Health Insurance Services is to find for you affordable health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance and travel insurance which fits your medical needs and budget for your individual, family and business needs. Please contact us at 310-909-6135 or at