Health Savings Accounts HSA are a good alternative to find affordable health insurance in Santa Monica, Brentwood and the rest of California.

HSA’s work with high-deductible health plans that can reduce your monthly insurance costs. The money you save can be deposited into an HSA and used for qualified medical expenses, these savings grow tax deferred and compound interest year-after year, making it easier to save for retirement.

The money you contribute to your HSA is rolled over every year to give you a substantial source of retirment income. HSA contributions are tax-deductible and earn interest and  tax-deferred, you choose how you want to invest it and all the interest and investments earnings also grow taxdeferred. Money can be withdrawn from your HSA savings tax-deferred anytime you need to pay for qualified medical expenses, most of which aren’t even covered under traditional health plans. Your pre-tax HSA money can be used to pay for  most medical expenses  but also expenses  such as weight loss programs, over-the counter medications, acupunture , eyeglasses, dental expenses and even most long-term care insurance premiums.

Below is a list of the new HSA/HDHP 2013 Limits

HDPH Minimum Deductible Amount                                     2012                                     2013

Individual                                                                                     $ 1200                                   $ 1250

Family                                                                                            $ 2400                                   $ 2500

HDHP Maximum Out-of-Pocket Maximum Amount

Individual                                                                                      $ 6050                                  $ 6250

Family                                                                                             $ 12100                                 $ 12,500

HSA Statutory Contribution Amount

Individual                                                                                       $ 3100                                $3250

Family                                                                                              $ 6250                                $ 6450

Catuch – up Contributions age 55 or older                                $ 1000                               $ 1000


Let us help you to find an affordable health insurance plan  and explain you the high deductible health plans with HSA  for you and your family in Santa Monica and Brentwood.