On March 11, we mark the second anniversary of the World Health Organization’s declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Two years ago, we could never have imagined how much the pandemic would alter our daily lives. Over 950,000 American lives have been lost due to the pandemic and 6 million worldwide. We have seen many stumbling blocks in the treatment of the pandemic from understaffed hospitals to an unwillingness to vaccinate, but there has also been much resilience to overcome the pandemic.

Worldwide Science developed in record speed the COVID-19 vaccines. Doctors exchanged COVID-19 treatment plans internationally. The Government, States, and insurance companies worked together on concepts such as the American Rescue Plan to allow all Americans access to medical care when they needed it most. Medicare and Covered California worked to provide health insurance for individuals, families, and seniors so they can afford necessary health treatments.

While we have been forced to socially distance and work from home, modern communication technology such as Zoom or Teams allows us to connect with family and friends, work effectively remotely and even enable our children to study remotely. Telemedicine allows us access to physicians and mental health practitioners 24 hours a day.

With many stimulus programs,  Americans and small businesses have been able to overcome the economic hardships of the pandemic and stay in business

Gratitude for being healthy, and being able to work, socialize with friends and families have shifted our mindset. We have learned that nothing is to be taken for granted. We will have to live with new variants and senseless suffering such as the war in Ukraine. We have seen when global leaders are working together on a unified global response, we can and will overcome the evil of our times. While we cannot change many aspects, we have learned to focus on what we can influence. Staying healthy is first priority, which we can do by having our routine checkups, exercising, and making sure that our mental health is in balance. With life insurance, we can make sure that our families are protected when the unforeseen happens and Long-Term-Care insurance offers help when we will become too frail to take of ourselves.

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