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Today  is the last day of September, although many of us understand the need of life insurance, we people living in West Los Angeles are so busy that we are often postpone the decision to buy life insurance.

In this uncertain economic time it is even more important that you have a good life insurance for yourself and your wife, to be prepared for the unexpected.

With lower home prices, uncertain stock market, higher education cost and lower wages your assets are most likely reduced.

But as the above video from the famous NBA basketball player Odam Lodam so clearly shows, nothing is more important than being prepared for the unexpected.

Current  rates for Term life insurance are very low and guarantee that your family is protected should the unexpected happened.

Most likely our social security payment in 20 years will be lower as it is for current retirees, investing in a fixed index universal life insurance is a good way to subsidize your retirment income while not paying taxes during distribution.

Although you are busy and the daily routines to often take over, take the time to get your life insurance needs explained and learn about the affordable rates of term life insurance in West Los Angeles.